Carver wins the Overall Journalism Team Champion Award!

Carver wins the Overall Journalism Team Champion Award!
Posted on 03/27/2018
Overall Journalism Award from Spring UIL MeetThis past weekend, Carver's UIL Academic Team competed in the annual Spring Meet.

Editorial Writing   
3rd Place      Joe Garcia  Alternate for Regionals
5th  Place      Bobbie Villalobo

The Editorial Writing Contest is designed to develop the persuasive writing skills of the participants. Students must advocate a specific point-of-view in response to a prompt. Sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students have 45 minutes in which to complete their editorials.

Feature Writing  
3rd Place      Anaya Whitaker -  Alternate for Regionals 
6th Place      Bobbie Villalobos

Feature Writing tells the reader a story. It has a beginning (lead), middle and end. It uses quotes liberally and allows the reader to see the story through detailed description and vivid writing.

Headline Writing   
1st Place      Bobbie Villalobos - Qualified for Regionals
3rd Place      Anaya Whitaker     Alternate for Regionals
It’s all in your Head(line). The Headline Writing Contest give contestants six stories for which they must write six headlines. 45 minutes (about 7 minutes a story) is allotted. It's about speed and creativity.  
Prose Interpretation 
6th Place      Rolando Vera‚Äč
The purpose of this contest is to encourage the student to understand, experience and share prose
works through the art of oral interpretation. Contestants prepare and present an "A" and a "B" selection. 
The "A" Selection Examining Our Changing World: The goal of this category is for the performer to examine his or her changing world in order to inform the audience about a societal change and its impact on the performer.
The "B" Selection Taking A Stand: The goal of this category is to develop a thematic program that supports a position by using prose to make a persuasive argument. 

Persuasive Speaking 
5th Place      Rolando Vera

The purpose of this contest is to train students to analyze a current issue, determine a point of view, and then organize and deliver extemporaneously a speech that seeks to persuade listeners to agree with that viewpoint. The objective is to reinforce the views of listeners who already believe as the speaker does and to bring those of neutral or opposing views around to the speaker’s beliefs or proposed course of action. 

Lincoln Douglas Debate
Martin Pacheco, a freshman and first time debating won one debate round out of threeThis was his first time ever debating and we could not be more proud of him. He worked so hard to prepare his affirmative and negative cases. We expect big things from him in the near future.

Lincoln-Douglas (LD) Debate is a one-person, persuasive policy debate on traditional stock issues. Competitors will be evaluated on their analysis, use of evidence, and ability to effectively and persuasively organize, deliver, and refute arguments. Rapid-fire delivery, commonly called "spread delivery," is considered antithetical to the purpose and intent of this event.