Technology Assistance

Read the following message and try the tips. No work request will be addressed without a valid serial number.

Please be patient as technology issues will be resolved on a priority basis with student needs being met first. Please refer to the recommendations listed below before submitting a work order.

1. Please check all cables and plugs for connection by gently pushing them into your machine. This includes the electrical cord at the wall and the switch on the surge protector. 

2. If network connections seem to be the issue, please check another network plug on the wall and the back of the machine for green and yellow blinking lights at the network path cable. If dark check with a neighbor about the network in the building. Work orders should be submitted if it appears only your machine is affected.

3. If your machine is frozen, slow or "locked up" please shut down and restart.

4. If you are unable to gain access to your network U drive or S drive please log out and make sure the workstation only box is unchecked.

Do's and Don'ts

Do shut down your computer over the weekend and vacations including attached devices like printers.

Don't shut down your computers on weeknights. District network services will push updates at night and your machines must be on to avoid slow or disrupted service in the morning.

Do take care of your machines as replacement of computers happens as resources become available. Which can be hard to find as the year progresses.

Please monitor all children and technology at all times. Technology access is a privilege and not a right!

Be patient, Tech response time may delayed by a multitude of issues beyond building control. 

Remember to plan ahead to prevent poor performance of technology- including checking to make sure everything works ahead of time!

Please follow the link and completely fill out the form for best service response time. The more information available the quicker solutions can be determined.

Technology Assistance Request Form
Carver Technology Transfer Request Form
Please download and print the following form. *Even if an administrator asks you to transfer something. This will remove your name from the inventory record.