Observation Hours Request

Individuals requesting observation hours for alternative education programs or college course work shall provide the following:

  1. Download the Observation Request Packet from the Aldine ISD Human Resources website. Fill out the form completely, being sure to identify any preference of campus.
  2. Submit a letter from the organization requiring you to complete observation hours. Letter must be on official letterhead and specifically state the amount of hours required.
  3. Provide a copy of a valid driver's license.

Documents can be submitted in person to Human Resources or send electronically via email to [email protected]   A criminal background check will be run prior to granting approval for observations. Requests will be processed in 7-10 business with confirmation of approval sent to individual's email address.

The yearly observation window is three weeks before the end of the first semester and three weeks before the end of the school year.

Observation Hours 3-3-17.pdf