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2016 Texas Thespian Festival- Dallas, TX 

Ahreaile Holly was elected to the Student State Board20 students advanced to nationals.  

Costume Design:          Ahreaile Holly

Duet Acting:                Jerycah Lee & Loren Dickie

Duet Acting:                Je'Qwan Owens & India Sherman

Monologue:                 Kirby Jackson

Group Musical:   Elysa Aguilar, Jaela Amos, Jazmyne Charles, Lauryn Cornish, Miriam Hernandez, Ashlee Walker & Arielle Wilson      

Group Musical:  Kevin Crear, Rmanie Davis, Christian Dixon, Raphel Humphrey, Je'Qwan Owens, Bishop Pearsall & Debrycen Sumuel

Ms. Jones was awarded with the 2016 Above and Beyond Award for her service to Texas Thespians.  

Also, senior Elysa Aguilar auditioned for colleges and received 10 college callbacks.

2015 Texas Thespian Festival-Dallas, TX

Treat Carrier served on the Student State Board which is the student governing board for Texas Thespians.

Four students participated in the All State Show Big Fish, which was the mainstage show for Texas Thespian Festival. (Bishop Pearsall, Aziza Robinson, Jayla Rhodes & Brianna Rodriguez)

19 students advanced to nationals:

The events are listed below:

Costume Design:          Ahreaile Holly

Duet Acting:                 Kiera Prusmack & Bishop Pearsall

Solo Musical:                Gerra Gistand

Solo Musical:                Kyle Ward

Group Musical Theatre:  Elysa Aguilar, Jaela Amos, Korrian Carr, Treat Carrier, Jazmyne Charles, Rmanie Davis, Yamir Ellis, Mykaelan Flournoy, Stephanie Landa, Jerycah Lee, Kasi McHenry, Je'Qwan Owens, Brianna Price & Brianna Rodriguez 

Kyle Ward was the MAINSTAGE WINNER for his Solo Musical piece and performed  in front of the entire thespian delegation. Ms. Jones was awarded with the 2015 Above and Beyond Award for her service to Texas Thespians.Seniors Ahreon Holly, Kassidy Fajardo, Kasi McHenry & Kyle Ward received a total of 33 college callbacks

2014 Texas Thespian Festival-Dallas, TX

*Performed Memphis the Musical on Main stage with Memorial High School.

 *Treat Carrier was elected to the Student State Board which is the student governing board for Texas Thespians. 

*Two students, Bishop Pearsall and Brianna Rodriguez, were cast in the All State show,Big Fish.

*Duet Acting scene, featuring Joshua Austin & Kiera Prusmack, was chosen as a main stage I.E. finalist.

24 students advanced to nationals.  

Monologue:                 Shola Ojesina

Duet Acting:                Joshua Austin & Kiera Prusmack

Duet Acting:                Darlesia Carter & Raegan Robinson

Group Acting:              Kristopher Adams, Joseph Arriaga, Treat  Carrier, Yamir Ellis & Ahreon Holly

Group Musical Theatre:  Jaela Amos, Kevin Crear, Kassidy Fajardo, Mykaelan Flournoy, Kasi Mchenry, Bishop Pearsall, Brianna Rodriguez, India Sherman, Elvin Stewart, Kedran Wade & Kyle Ward.

Honor Crew

Jerycah Lee & Rikia Stewart

College Auditions

Kristopher Adams received 23 callbacks and Shola Ojesina received 25 callbacks. 

2013 Texas Thespian Festival-Dallas, TX

*Performed A Bad Year for Tomatoes for Play Marathon. 

*Nyles Washington received a $1000 Thespian Scholarship from Texas Thespians. 

* All IE Participants qualified for Nationals

 21 students advanced to nationals.  

 Monologue: Shola Ojesina (Mainstage Finalist)

Solo Musical: Sydney Malone

Duet Acting: Isaiah Rusk & Nyles Washington 

Duet Musical Theatre: Kameron Guine & Tyler Pearson

Group Acting: Kristopher Adams, Joshua Austin, Darlesia Carter & Raegan Robinson

Group Musical Theatre:Joseph Arriaga, Destini Freeman, Kassidy Fajardo, Mykaelan Flournoy, Kasi Mchenry, Kiera Prusmack, Anayansi Redwood, Malcolm Thomas & Alex Washington   

Theatre Marketing: Calep Smith

Stage Management: Core Richard                          

Honor Crew

Kayla Lowery, Dionna Malone & Jayla Rhodes

Texas All Star Troupe Video

Louis Butler

College Auditions

Nyles Washington received 25 call backs, one of the highest numbers at festival.

The New York Film Academy, CCM Cincinnati, Saint Louis University, KD College, Nebraska Wesleyan, Evansville, Baylor, University of Southern California, University of Oklahoma, Lindenwood, Rockford, SCAD, Saint Mary's, Stephen F. Austin, University of Wyoming, Loyola, Texas A&M Corpus, Webster, Oklahoma City University, University of Houston, AADA, Sam Houston, University of Texas, Louisiana State University and Theatre of the Arts were all interested in Nyles.

2012 Texas Thespian Festival-Houston, TX

*Performed Actor's Nightmare for Play Marathon. 

*Alric Davis received a $1000 Thespian Scholarship from Texas Thespians. 

*Nyles Washington was re-elected to the Student State Board

*Isaiah Rusk, Kristopher Adams and Andrew Wesley performed in the All State   

  Show, Coram Boy directed by UIL State Theatre Director, Luis Munoz.

 17 students advanced to nationals.  

Monologue:                     Isaiah Rusk

Solo Musical:                  Trey Lewis (Mainstage Finalist)

Duet Acting:                    Yesha Benjamin & John Washington

Duet Musical Theatre:     Precious Rayfield and Alric Davis

Group Musical Theatre:  Destini Freeman, Kameron Guine, Nia Jones, Sydney Malone, Tyler Pearson, Calep Smith, Jensen Smith, Malcolm Thomas, Nyles Washington, Andrew Wesley and Fallon Williams

College Auditions

Andrew Wesley received 10 call backs and Alric Davis received 8.

The New York Film Academy, Sam Houston State University, University of North Carolina, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, St. Louis University, Oklahoma City University, University of Minnesota St. Mary, University of Wyoming and Loyola University were interested in Andrew. 

University of Minnesota St. Mary, Oklahoma University, Loyola University, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Louisiana State University, University of North Carolina and Sam Houston State University were interested in Alric.

2011 Texas Thespian Festival-Houston, TX

*Performed Beyond Therapy twice for Play Marathon.  

*Nyles Washington was elected to the Student State

 (Isaiah Rusk, Kristopher Adams and Andrew Wesley) auditioned and were cast in the All    

 State Show, Coram Boy

*14 students advanced to nationals.  

Duet Acting:  Amber Jackson and Jensen Smith

Duet Musical Theatre:    Precious Rayfield and Fallon Williams

Group Musical Theatre: Alric Davis,Trey Lewis & Andrew Wesley                                

Group Acting:  Marian Baynard, K'Yuana Nelson, Kayla Sinisterra and Malcolm Thomas     

Solo Pantomime: John Washington (Mainstage Finalist)

Duet Pantomime:            Isaiah Rusk and Nyles Washington    

College Auditions

Maci Bass received 6 call backs.

The University of St. Mary's, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, St. Louis University, Lipscomb University, California Baptist University and University of Texas were interested in Maci.

2010 Texas Thespian Festival-Corpus Christi, TX

*Performed The Complete History America Abridged for Play Marathon

*Chapter Select Showcase Finalist 

*Jeremiah Gray was elected to the Student State Board

*19 students advanced to nationals.  

Monologue:  Shannon Bailey

Duet Acting:  Ariel Johnson & Christopher Akens (Mainstage Finalist)

Solo Musical Theatre:   Donte Wright

Duet Musical Theatre:   Katrina Thibodeaux & Teashia Harrison

Group Musical Theatre: Trey Lewis, Erin Audrey Allen, Precious Rayfield and  Priscilla Dubose                           
Group Acting:   Alejandra Garza, Jalen Patterson, Shantayvia Hart, Jekari Stewart, Maribel Saenz, Jeremiah Gray, Breonna Holland, Denzel Taylor & Amber Jackson (Mainstage Finalist)

College Auditions                                          

Donte Wright received 8 call backs.

The College of Santa Fe, AMDA, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, St. Louis University, Lipscomb University, New York Film Academy, Oklahoma City School of Theatre and Loyolla University New Orleans were interested in Donte. 

2009 Texas Thespian Festival-Corpus Christi, TX

*Performed Infancy for Play Marathon

*Stanley Jackson received a $1000 Scholarship from Texas Thespians. 

*Stanley Jackson was awarded Outstanding Troupe Officer

*Donte Wright was elected to the Student State Board making him the first board   

  officer from G.W. Carver Magnet.

*Nine students advanced to nationals

Monologue:                      Stanley Jackson

Duet Acting:                     Sharday Petite & Sharvay Petite

Solo Musical Theatre:       D'Joyne Angel

Duet Musical Theatre:      Jeremiah Gray & Donte Wright

Group Acting:  Cara Graves, Christopher Akens & Ariel Johnson   (Mainstage Winners!)

College Auditions

Stanley Jackson received 15 call backs and Ronnie Richardson received 6. 

Texas Tech, Sam Houston State, The College of Santa Fe, UT Austin, Oklahoma City, Loyola, AMDA,  TCU, U of H, Texas State University, Savannah College of Art Design (SCAD), Chicago College of Performing Arts, Texas A&M Corpus, Lon Morris and University of North Colorado were interested in Stanley. 

UT Austin, Loyola, Texas Wesleyan, SCAD, Texas A&M Corpus, and Texas State were interested in Ronnie

2008 Texas Thespian Festival-Fort Worth, TX

*Performed The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged for Play Marathon

*Two students advanced to nationals.  The event is listed below:

Duet Musical Theatre: Angela Flakes & Donte Wright

 (First G.W. Carver students to compete and qualify for nationals)

College Auditions 

Kaneisha Lynn received call backs from 3 colleges and Kara Willis received 4. 

K.D. Studio, University of Texas Arlington and New York Film Academy were interested in Kaneisha. 

University of Houston, University of Texas Arlington, K.D. Studio and Cisco College were interested in Kara. 

2007 Texas Thespian Festival-Fort Worth, TX

*Performed A Bad Year for Tomatoes for Play Marathon

2006 Texas Thespian Festival-Corpus Christi, TX

*Performed Actor’s Nightmare for Play Marathon