Past Seasons

Panther Players
Boy singing into girl's ear




*Theatre Recitals (October 2015)

*Theatre Summit (October 2015)

*Evening of One Acts (November 2015)

*Hairspray with The Kinkaid School (January & February 2015)

*Black History Touring Show (February 2015)

*Black American (February 2015)

*To Be Young, Gifted & Black-UIL One Act Play (March-April 2015)

*Senior Show 2015 (May 2016)

*Theatre Banquet- Carriage House (May 2016)

*Snow White-Freshmen Show (May 2016)

*Smokey Joe’s Cafe (Summer 2016)-International Thespian Festival


*Theatre Recitals (October 2014)

*Memphis the Musical with Memorial HS (September & November 2014)-TX Thespian Festival

*Theatre Summit (October 2014)

*Evening of One Acts (November 2014)

*Ghost (January 2014)

*Black History Touring Show (February 2015)

*The Me Nobody Knows (February 2015)

*Raft of the Medusa-UIL One Act Play (March-April 2015)

*C.A.S.E. Performance-Freshmen/Sophomore show (April 2015)

*Senior Show 2015 (May 2015)

*Theatre Banquet- Carriage House (May 2015)



*TASB (September 2013)

*Theatre Recitals (October 2013)

*Evening of One Acts (November 2013)

*A Bad Year for Tomatoes (November 2013)-Texas Thespian Festival

*Prince of Soulville (December 2013)

*In the Heights (January 2014)

*The Face of Emmett Till (February 2014)

*Black History Touring Show (February 2014)

*Porgy-UIL One Act Play (March-May 2014)

*Carnival Del Barrio from In the Heights-Hobby Center (April 2014)

*Theatre Banquet- MO Campbell (April 2014)

*Senior Show 2014 (April 2014)

*Annie Goes to Oz-Freshmen show (May 2014)


*Theatre Recitals (October 2012)

*Evening of One Acts (November 2012)

*Actor’s Nightmare (November 2012)-Texas Thespian Festival

*Color Purple (January 2013)

*For Colored Girls and Thoughts of a Colored Man (February 2013)

*Black History Touring Show (February 2013)

*Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom-UIL One Act Play (March-April 2013)

*Push Da Button from the Color Purple-Hobby Center (April 2013)

*Senior Show 2013 (May 2013)

*Theatre Banquet-MO Campbell (May 2013)

*Cinco De Mayo Celebration (May 2013)

*An Evening of Alric Davis’ original plays-Freshmen show/Mini UIL OAP competition

(May 2013)



*Theatre Recitals (October 2011)

*Evening of One Acts (December 2011)

*Beyond Therapy (November 2011)-Texas Thespian Festival

*Little Shop of Horrors (January 2012)

*To Be Young, Gifted and Black (February 2012)

*Black History Touring Show (February 2012)

*Darker Face of the Earth-UIL One Act Play (March-April 2012)

*Senior Show 2012 (May 2012)

*Theatre Banquet-Carriage House (May 2012)

*Snow White-Freshmen show (May 2012)


*Theatre Recitals (October 2010)

*Evening of One Acts (November 2010)

*The Complete History of America Abridged (November 2010)-Texas Thespian Festival

*The Wiz (January 2011)

*In Their Own Words-Black History show (February 2011)

*Black History Touring Show (February 2011)

*Ruined-UIL One Act Play (March-April 2011)

*Senior Show 2013 (May 2011)

*Theatre Banquet-Carriage House (May 2011)

*Fairytale Courtroom-Freshmen show (May 2011)

*The Complete History of America Abridged (June 2011)-International Thespian Festival



*Theatre Recitals (October 2009)

*Evening of One Acts (November 2009)

*Infancy (November 2010)-Texas Thespian Festival

*Sweet Charity (January 2010)

*A Journey to Freedom-Black History Show (February 2010)

*Black History Touring Show (February 2010)

*Dark of the Moon-UIL One Act Play (March 2010)

*Senior Show 2010 (May 2010)

*Theatre Banquet-Silver House Theatre (May 2010)

*Original Play/Mini UIL One Act Play-Freshmen show (May 2010)


*Theatre Recitals (October 2008)

*The Complete History of Shakespeare Abridged (November 2008)-Texas Thespian Festival

*Dreamgirls (January 2009)

*A Celebration of Black History (February 2009)

*Black History Touring Show (February 2009)

*A Lesson Before Dying-UIL One Act Play (March 2009)

*Senior Show 2009 (May 2009)

*Theatre Banquet-Brady’s Landing (May 2009)

*Fairytale Courtroom-Freshmen show (May 2009)



*Broadway Comes to Carver (September 2007)

*A Bad Year for Tomatoes (November 2007)-Texas Thespian Festival

*Cinderella (January 2008)

*A Journey to Freedom (February 2008)

*Black History Touring Show (February 2008)

*Before It Hits Home-UIL One Act Play (March-April 2008)

*Theatre Banquet-China Bear (May 2008)



*Stars at Night (September 2006)

*Actor’s Nightmare (November 2006)-Texas Thespian Festival

*A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (December 2006)

*Annie (January 2007)

*Celebration of Black History (February 2007)

*Black History Touring Show (February 2007)

*Crimes of the Heart-UIL One Act Play (March 2007)

*Theatre Banquet-Spaghetti Warehouse (May 2007)


*A Night of Broadway (September 2005)

*Cool and Fresh Faces (November 2005)

*You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown (December 2006)

*Black History Celebration (February 2006)

*Black History Touring Show (February 2006)

*Shadow Box-UIL One Act Play (March-April 2006)

*Theatre Banquet-Pappasitos (May 2006)