Policies and Procedures

dress code
Arrival Policy  
7:15 AM -Homeroom Check in Tardies will be recorded
Late Bus Passes will excuse tardy
Announcements and pledge will begin at 7:15 AM

Bell Schedule

7:15AM-8:45AM = 1ST PERIOD
8:50AM-10:20AM = 2ND PERIOD
11:15AM-1:15PM = 4TH PERIOD & LUNCH
1:15PM-2:45PM = 5TH PERIOD 

After School Policy  
2:49 PM – activity bus dismissal, departs by 2:55 PM
2:49 PM -Wave 1 and Wave 2: bus riders only
2:58 PM -Wave 3: car riders, walkers, and students staying for a tutorial or activity
3:10 PM -all students will be with a sponsor (those found in the hallways, Carver Center, or surrounding areas without a sponsor will receive consequences)
4:00 PM -transition
5:00 PM – activity buses dismissed

Tardy Policy  
Each child has 5 minutes to arrive at the next class. Students are given a one minute warning before the tardy bell rings during each class transition.

Tardy 1 = Student conference/warning
Tardy 2 = Parent Contact
Tardy 3 = Parent Contact D-Hall assigned
Tardy 4 = D-Hall assigned 2 days
Tardy 5 = SAC assigned
Tardy 6 = Restricted Pending Parent Conference 

Consequence = No Shows: 1 day of SAC/Parent Conference

Positive reinforcement and attendance prizes are also given for those students developing good habits in attendance.

Attendance and No Grade Policy  
Students are only allowed 2 excused absences per semester. Students that miss more that 2 days will have the opportunity to make up the hours in after school tutorials. Students must make up one hour for every period of school missed over the allowed amount. If the hours are not made up, an NG or No Grade will be given for the class even if the grade is passing.

District Guidlines  
More on all of these policies can be read in the Student / Parent Handbook that is given out at the beginning of the year and is also available on-line on the Aldine ISD Website.