Carver Magnet High School Homework Policy  
Homework will account for 10% of a student’s grade during each 6-week grading cycle. It is the expectation of each teacher at Carver Magnet High School that students will successfully complete and submit all assigned homework. Homework not submitted to the teacher on time will receive a deduction in points. If the homework is turned in one day late, the highest possible grade will be a 75. If the homework is turned in two days late, the highest possible grade will be a 50.
District policy states that High School students will have an average of 90 minutes of homework each day. In addition, each individual subject will assign no more than 90 minutes of homework per week. At least once per week, common homework assignments will be given by each teacher for each course. For core academic courses, TAKS formatted homework assignments should be provided whenever possible.


Tutorials are available every day; Monday through Thursday. Students must make arrangements with the teacher to stay. PLATO tutorials are mandatory classes that are scheduled two days per week for students that need extra help on the TAKS test. These classes are an agreement between the school, parent, and student to ensure success at Carver Magnet High School.